Dream Development Studio

About Us

Our company was founded in 2004.

Eidetic Pictures – production company of feature films, tv-series, commercials, short feature and animations.

We create the high quality product using our professional experience at every stage of production, regardless of format.

We move with the times and use in our production only advanced technologies and achievements in the visual content production field. Our team consists of the best specialists, each of them are craft professional in his field and has vast experience working on projects of various formats.

In addition, we collaborate with professionals from all over the world, which allows us to exchange experiences and constantly improve the quality of our work.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, have the experience working across Europe.

Our company is open for new offers and welcome partners from all over the world.

Feature Film Production

We provide full service for international production crew in Ukraine.


We long time cooperate with leading Ukrainian tv-channels in series drama production.


Our TV commercials build strong brand recognition for our clients.

3D & CGI

We produce top level 3D animation as well as unique CGI for cinema, tv-series and tvc production all over the world.

Our Team

Alexey Panteleev

General Producer

Dan Zolotarenko

Technical Director

Sergey Lebakin

CGI Supervisor

Olha Misko

Executive Producer

Roman Nehrienko


Igor Miasnikov

Marketing & Communications

Our projects


Format: animated feature film
(3D animation)
Genre: neo-noir comics
with elements of thriller
Running time: 96 min
Production stage:
in progress
Directed by
Alexey Panteleev

Severyn Nalivayko.
The Last Battle!

Format: documentary
Genre: historical drama
Running time: 90 min
Production stage:
the film is shot and sold
Creative producer
Alexey Panteleev

Severyn Nalivayko.
Birth of a legend.

Format: feature film
Genre: historical drama/action
Running time: 100 min
Production stage:
in development
Directed by
Alexey Panteleev

Sun`s Day

Format: TV-movie
Genre: Melodrama
Running time:
4 episodes*45 min
Production stage:
the film is shot and sold
Creative producer
Alexey Panteleev

Virtual production

Virtual Production combines virtual and augmented reality with CGI and game-engine technologies to enable production crews to see their scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set.

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